Notowanie nr 167 z dnia 12.06.09r

1. Green Day-Know Your Enemy

2. U2-Magnificent

3. Kings Od Leon-Use Somebody

4. White Lies-Farewell To Fairground

5. Archive-Bullets

6. Mando Diao-Gloria

7. Mando Diao-Dance With Somebody

8. Empire Of The Sun-We Are The People (nowość)

9. All-American Rejects-Gives You Hell

10. AC/DC-Anything Goes

11. Placebo-For What it’s worth

12. Kasabian-Fire

13. Voo Voo-Barany

14. The Gossip-Heavy Cross

15. Coldplay-Live In Technicolor II

16. Linkin Park-New Divine

17. Strachy na Lachy-Wariat

18. Blue October-Dirt Room

19. Incubus-Black Heart Inertia

20. Papa Roach-Lifeline

21. Franz Ferdinand-Ulysses

22. Franz Ferdinand-No You Girls

23. Seether-Careless Whisper

24. Kings Of Leon-Notion

25. Voo Voo-Puszcza

26. Kontrust-The Smash Song (nowość)

27. Enter Shikari-Juggernauts (nowość)

28. Billy Talent-Rusted From The Rain

29. Sugarplum Fairy-Bus Stop

30. Anberlin-The Feel Good Drag






Metallica-Day That Never Comes


Coldplay-Lovers In Japan


Starsailor-Tell Me It’s not Over

White Lies-To Lose My Life

Metallica-Broken, Beat, Scared

Madina Lake-Never take us alive

Fall Out Boy-America’s Suitehearts

Rise Against-Audience Of One

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