Podsumowanie Roku 2021

UtwórPunktyPeakIle RazyTygodnie
1.Ashley Purdy – Not OK3601413
2.Ashley Purdy – Sever The Ties3511213
3.Snowblind – Wodymidaj3201313
4.The Pretty Reckless – And So It Went3093213
5.Bifrost – Let Me Out3013113
6.Bruklin – Femme Fatale2941212
7.Iron Maiden – Writing On The Wall2943313
8.Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni2933313
9.Dzieci PRLu – Manipulacja2891710
10.Scarlet Starry Sky – Evergreen2852113
11.Kao Rock – Ezoterik2782113
12.Blind Channel – Balboa2771210
13.CDN – Inny2771211
14.Kings Of Leon – The Bandit2761112
15.The Pretty Reckless – Only Love Can Save Me Now2763113
16.Måneskin – I Wanna Be Your Slave2753213
17.Waterside – Sick Of It2674213
18.Five Finger Death Punch – Darkness Settles In2654113
19.Tupolev – Potrzebuję Krwi2562112
20.Halestorm – Back From The Dead2563113
21.Palaye Royale – No Love In LA2522113
22.Bring Me The Horizon – Die4U2484113
23.Asking Alexandria – Alone Again2445113
24.Evanescence – Better Without You2424113
25.The GazettE – Last Song2401210
26.Black Veil Brides – Fields Of Bone2405113
27.Eisbrecher – FAKK2247112
28.Palaye Royale – Paranoid223319
29.Architects – Meteor2236113
30.Falkor – Blind2215113
31.Volbeat – Shotgun Blues2192210
32.Placebo – Beautiful James2143112
33.Falkor – Acid Rain2111113
34.Lilith Czar – Anarchy2102112
35.Wolf Alice – Smile2035211
36.Volbeat – Wait A Minute My Girl2024110
37.Motionless In White – Timebomb1994113
38.Guns N’ Roses – Hard Skool198319
39.Black Veil Brides – Crimson Skies1905112
40.Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl – Eazy Sleazy1883110
41.Royal Blood – Typhoons185318
42.Hard Rockets – Błękitna Sukienka183229
43.Koniec Listopada – Polityka Strusia181117
44.Ghost – Hunter’s Moon1816110
45.Hard Rockets – Patryota feat. Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer180127
46.Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators – The River Is Rising173527
47.Black Veil Brides – Scarlet Cross1723113
48.Ashley Purdy – After Midnite171126
49.lukatom – Desert Run1709112
50.Ashley Purdy – Won’t Take Me Alive1691112
51.AC/DC – Realize1665110
52.Modest Mouse – We Are Between1647110
53.Myles Kennedy – In Stride161919
54.Lilith Czar – Lola1592111
55.Lukatom – Rivers Of Confusion1597110
56.Snowblind – Noc1587112
57.Samurai – Chippin’ In15811113
58.Gorgonzolla – Potwór z Szafy156117
59.Guns N’ Roses – Absurd1536110
60.System Of A Down – Protect The Land1471113
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